NMSAR Support Team New Mexico Search and Rescue Support Team

New Mexico SAR Support Team Software

The software packages below are provided with no warranty whatsoever. These two packages are used by the team to allow APRS+SA to work with iGage All Topo Maps in a manner that is easy to start up during the chaotic early stage of a search and rescue incident.

The software here is all intended for use on Microsoft Windows. Users of other systems are probably better off using APRS packages that have native topo map support. It has been determined, however, that AllTopoMaps does work under Wine on Linux, and both a2a101 and qProStart can also work with it under Wine. Thus, AllTopoMaps displays can be added to the native display for Linux APRS programs like Xastir. But there is even less than no warranty for use of these programs on Linux than there is on Windows.